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About This Website

   This website was developed and is operated by the Asia-Pacific Cultural Centre for UNESCO (ACCU) on behalf of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology as part of the Japan-UNESCO Partnership Programme. We would like to express our deep gratitude to the Japanese National Commission for UNESCO and the individuals below for their valuable assistance and advice:  
ARAI Noriko (Ms.)Professor, National Institute of Informatics
KOZAWA Kimiko (Ms.)Honorary Professor, Tokyo Gakugei University and Chairperson, The Japanese Society of Environmental Education
TADA Takashi (Mr.)Professor, Mejiro University and Chairperson, Japan Association for International Education
TABUCHI Isoo (Mr.)Professor, Nara University of Education
MIKAMI Kazuyuki (Mr.)Vice-President, Miyagi University of Education
YONEDA Shinji (Mr.)Adviser and Former Director, Tezukayamagakuin University Institute for International Understanding
Representative, Japan UNESCO Associated Schools Project (ASP) Network
   This website was developed with the assistance of UNIADEX, Ltd., Education Lab, Inc. and Planning VIE, K.K. and utilises the NetCommons CMS as an Information Sharing Infrastructure System developed by the National Institute of Informatics. Additionally, UNIADEX, Ltd. provides its NetCommons Information Sharing Infrastructure Service free of charge for the operation of the website as one of its CSR activities.
   Most of the information available on this website has been provided by UNESCO Associated Schools within Japan, which has enabled us to produce a very content-rich website. We would like to once again express our sincere appreciation and ask for your continued support.  

Website Policy

   Thank you for visiting the UNESCO Associated Schools Project Network website.
The purpose of this website is to provide a means for sharing information on UNESCO Associated Schools Project Network and their activities, including Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). It is operated by the Asia/Pacific Cultural Centre for UNESCO (“the website administrator”). This website policy sets forth requirements and restrictions to facilitate smooth utilisation. By accessing and utilising the information on this website you signify your agreement with this policy.
This policy may be amended without notice. Thank you for your understanding.

(Purpose of the Website)

  1. To enhance the network within Japan, including UNESCO Associated Schools and education boards that serve as the backbone for local activities in order to facilitate collaboration between the Japanese National Commission for UNESCO, UNESCO and other national commissions for UNESCO, particularly those in the Asia/Pacific region, and the utilisation of existing resources. 
  2. To share information on domestic and international trends and positive case studies involving ESD for use within school education programmes and widely publicise the many positive aspects of the UNESCO Associated Schools Project Network and the usefulness of ESD in school education programmes.
  3. To build a network through which UNESCO Associated Schools (or their faculty and pupils) can introduce specific examples of their ESD activities and share information with each other for closer interaction. 
  4. To provide a high-quality database of educational materials that can be used in the classroom by having each school report on examples of ESD in practice. 

(Information Covered by This Policy)

 The information provided on this website is limited to the following:
  1. Basic information on basic UNESCO concepts, activities of the UNESCO Associated Schools Project Network and ESD
  2. Announcements of and reports on the UNESCO Associated School Project Network and ESD events, training programs, etc.
  3. Information on UNESCO Associated Schools
  4. Information on ESD activities of and exchanges between UNESCO Associated Schools
  5. Information approved for publishing by the website administrator

(User Scope )

  1. Those who may use the system (i.e. “users”) are as follows:
    1. Faculty representatives from UNESCO Associated Schools who have obtained user IDs for this website (“ID users”) 
    2. Other users (“general users”)
  2. ID users can post articles and images on the group space within the website.

(Management of User IDs and Passwords )

   ID users must adhere to the following requirements related to managing their user IDs and passwords: )
  1. User IDs and passwords are not to be transferred, loaned, sold, etc. to a third party.
  2. Loss or theft of the user ID and password should be reported to the administrator immediately. 
  3. Any and all liability for damages arising from negligence or the use of a user ID and password by a third party will be borne solely by the ID user. 

(Prohibited Actions )

 When handling information covered by the provisions of this policy, users may not engage in the following actions:
  1. Actions that infringe upon copyrights or human rights
  2. Actions that violate laws or have the potential to do so
  3. Actions designed to make a profit
  4. Actions that negatively affect other users
  5. Actions that hinder the operation of this system
  6. Actions that violate the rules and regulations of the end site
  7. Actions that are offensive to public order and morals
  8. Other actions deemed inappropriate by the website administrator

(Deletion of Posted Information )

  The website administrator may delete things posted by users without notice in the event that it is determined that they violate the guidelines herein or have the potential to do so. 

(Copyright )

 The copyrights to the data posted on this website are protected by the Copyright Act and the Universal Copyright Convention. 
  1. The copyrights to the articles and images on this website are protected by the Copyright Act and the Universal Copyright Convention and belong to the persons who have provided the data. 
  2. Persons providing data to be made available on this website should exercise due caution related to the protection of personal information and copyright issues, including the following: 
    1. When posting pictures, permission should be obtained from the persons in them to post them on this website. Additionally, efforts should be made to avoid posting pictures where a certain person’s face is the focus of the picture or posting data where a person’s name can be matched to his or her photograph.
    2. When posting pupil works, permission should be obtained from both the pupil and his or her guardian.
  3. Faculty and guardians must also adhere to 2.a and 2.b above and exercise due care to protect personal information. 
  4. Permission should be obtained from the copyright holder when posting articles from newspapers and magazines or images from books.
  5. The author and source should be clearly cited when quoting from newspapers, magazines, books, etc.

(Revocation of User Privileges )

 The website administrator may revoke user privileges in either of the following cases:
  1. The ID user violates the guidelines herein
  2. The ID user requests that his or her account be deleted

(Disclaimer )

  1. The website administrator accepts no liability for any damages incurred by users as a result of the operation of this website or the suspension/discontinuance thereof. 
  2. The user is solely responsible for resolving any matters involving damages inflicted on other users or third parties. The website administer accepts no liability for such damages. 
  3. The website administrator accepts no liability for damages or other problems arising from the use of this website. The same are the sole responsibility of the user.

(Supplementary Provision )

 Any other matters pertaining to the operation of this website that are not covered by these guidelines will be decided separately by the website administrator.