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About this website

Are you interested in connecting with Japanese ASPnet schools?

There are many ASPnet schools in Japan. This website was established so that ASPnet schools worldwide can actively connect with Japanese ASPnet schools.

◆How the ASPnet Interschool Exchange programme works

Please follow the procedures below if you wish to connect with an ASPnet school overseas.


1. Submit ASPnet Interschool Exchange Application Form

  By email or FAX

  Fill in the Word file form below and send it to the Asia-Pacific Cultural Centre for UNESCO (ACCU) via FAX (03-3269-4510) or email (webmaster@accu.or.jp). In order to search for the perfect match for your school, fill in the form in as much detailas possible.

School name_ASPnet International Exchange Application Form.docx


2. We will contact you within one week after receiving your ASPnet Interschool Exchange Application Form. Please note that we may ask you several questions regarding the content of the form.


3. ACCU will search for the school that best meets your requests and send you their information as soon as possible. Please review the information and consider whether or not you would like to connect with the school.

*It may take several months to look for a prospective partner school. We ask for your kind understanding.


4. Start communicating!

After a suitable school is found, you will be directly communicating with the ASPnet school about details of the exchange activities.

Please share the progress of the activities with us at ACCU (webmaster@accu.or.jp).


5. Submit ASPnet Interschool Exchange Report (Japanese/English)

You are kindly requested to submit an ASPnet Interschool Exchange Report (Japanese/English) to ACCU (webmaster@accu.or.jp) by filling in the Word file below. The report should be submitted to us after the programme ends if it lasts less than a year, or one year after the partnership has been established (and each year until the programme ends) if it is continued for one year or more.

*The ASPnet Interschool Exchange Report (Japanse/English) will be posted on the ACCUwebsite.

【School name】ASPnet Interschool Exchange Report.docx




Asia-PacificCultural Centre for UNESCO (ACCU)

TEL.:03-3269-4559  FAX: 03-3269-4510




About ASPnet Schools in Japan >> to ACCU (webmaster@accu.or.jp

About ASPnet Schools of a particular country >> to the ASPnet coordinator at National Commission for UNESCO in that country

About National Commissions for UNESCO or ASPnet coordinator >> to the Japanese National Commission for UNESCO Secretariat (jpnatcom@mext.go.jp) or ACCU (webmaster@accu.or.jp

Other >> to ACCU (webmaster@accu.or.jp