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Dear Mr Tomonori Ichinose,

I hope this email finds you well. In the last weeks our department received many requests from our ASPnet schools in Germany expressing their consternation about the incidents in Japan.

In the following days I'll be sending you emails, letters and pictures of the pupils in our schools concerning the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

The pictures, that are attached to this email, were taken at the St. Bonaventura School in Bavaria.
The school placed pinboards in a central part of the school building on which the pupils could express their thoughts, condolences, wishes and hopes for Japan.

Yours sincerely

Jasmin Grakoui
Projektmanagerin/Programme Specialist
Bundeskoordination der UNESCO-Projektschulen/
UNESCO ASPnet Germany
*宮城教育大学 市瀬智紀教授に寄せられたメッセージです

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