Japan/UNESCO Partnership Project by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) 

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About this website

Are you interested in having an exchange with Japanese ASPnet schools?

There are many ASPnet schools in Japan. This website was established so that ASPnet schools worldwide may actively hold exchanges with Japanese ASPnet schools.

If you wish to have an exchange with a Japanese ASPnet school, you may apply by fax, e-mail, or online.

1. Fax or E-mail

Please fill in the form and return to ACCU by fax (+81-3-3269-4510)  or e-mail (webmaster@accu.or.jp).

2. Online
Use the links below to access the online application.

● For Japanese applicants 
 For International applicants 



About ASPnet Schools in Japan >> to ACCU(webmaster@accu.or.jp

About ASPnet Schools of a particular country >> to the ASPnet coordinator at National Commission for UNESCO in that country

About National Commissions for UNESCO or ASPnet coordinator >> to Japanese National Commission for UNESCO Secretariat(jpnatcom@mext.go.jp) or ACCU(webmaster@accu.or.jp

Other >> to ACCU(webmaster@accu.or.jp